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Find Your Team’s New Path to the Future

Whether you are an executive team or a top sales team, the key task now is to lead courageously, charting new paths to the future.

Following the “Great re-set” the Path-Finder Team program your team will develop two sets of skills:

  • High-performance teamwork

  • Advanced future-finding navigation and innovation practices.

The “PATH” principles (PURPOSE - ACCOUNTABILITY - TRUST - HARMONY) and “FIND” practices (FUTURE-SENSING - INTUITING - INNOVATING - DESTINATION-FINDING) that together allow your team to make its way “off-road” to a viable new business future.

Make yours a PathFinder Team

The new Future PathFinder Team Program is a 5-session on-line, highly interactive course where your team will strengthen core teamwork practices and develop crucial “off-road” skills, mindset and fitness for this new environment. Please contact David Howells or Craig Martin at Global Executive Coaches to learn more and to evaluate your own team using our free PathFinder Team Self-Assessment Questionnaire.

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Coaching Clinics

As part of our ongoing drive to meet the current needs of fast moving organizations, we offer half-day Coaching Clinics.

Within these a small group of our experienced Executive Coaches attend our client's premises for a half-day twice a month to provide ad-hoc individual coaching sessions for leaders at all levels.

Typically individual sessions at a Coaching Clinic are for 1 hour. Bookings for Coaching Clinics can be made either via the client organization or directly with us. We also run these sessions virtually.

Six Supersenses Masterclass

We know when leaders are "getting it right" just as acutely as when they are not. But what is it that separates out the great from the good? This Masterclass is an opportunity to gain a clear understanding of the importance of the six Supersenses: Purpose, Duty, Direction, Timing, Adventure and Proportion, which provide increased effectiveness, guidance and stability for Boardroom leaders.

This one-day workshop leads to a clear plan of action that participants can use to provide a significant advantage to themselves and their organisations in steering through uncertain times. For further information please contact: info@globalexecutivecoaches.com. A full copy of our whitepaper is here

Leader Launch

Leader Launch® is our on-boarding program which provides effective structured support to senior executives before and during their critical first 90 days in a new role or project. Leader Launch® helps ensure people are successful in meeting the organisation's high expectations of them. Leader Launch® is run by highly experienced executives who understand the operating realities of busy executives in challenging new roles.

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360 Feedback

We run both off the shelf and bespoke 360 Feedback projects. These are used mainly to support Executive Coaching assignments or to help focus Personal Development Plans for organisations.

Our detailed graphical outputs help participants quickly understand the areas on which to focus. We run our assignments in a slick and minimally administrative manner, allowing participants and organisations to focus on the outputs rather than the process. We provide guidance as to how to get the best value from the information provided and tips to managers for handling participants.

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For a sample 360 Report click 360 SAMPLE HERE

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace provides particular problem for organisations, it affects productivity and limits the effectiveness of both teams and individuals. Our Conflict Resolution Service helps people identify causes for the conflict, identify potential solutions and reach lasting agreement. We use our skilled Executive Coaches to help individuals find a way forward and restore effective working relationships.

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