coaching clinics

As part of our ongoing drive to meet the current needs of fast moving organizations, we now offer half-day Coaching Clinics.

Within these, a small group of our experienced Executive Coaches attend our client's premises for a half-day twice a month to provide ad-hoc individual coaching sessions for leaders at a wide range of levels.

Typically individual sessions at a Coaching Clinic are for 1 hour. Bookings for Coaching Clinics can be made either via the client organization or directly with us. We also run these sessions virtually. (Useful for the current COVID-19 environment)

The Benefits For the Organisation:

  • Experienced Executive Coaches with a high level of contextual understanding of your particular organization's needs and ways of working
  • Flexibility in booking highly effective and focussed coaching sessions
  • An opportunity to offer executive coaching to a wider range of leadership levels

The Benefits For the Individual:

  • Ad-hoc support at the times of greatest need for individuals
  • The ability to deal with urgent and pressing issues that give immediate help to the leader
  • The opportunity to top-up on input and seek opportunities for reflection following more formal coaching engagements

To find out how our Coaching Clinics would help your organisation, please click here.